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About Buy To Let Property Shop

In short what we are classed as in the industry is a marketing introducer, these days most companies appoint marketing companies like ours and contract us with the duty of finding potential buyers around the world. 


The benefits to property vendors in contracting companies like ours is that their businesses overheads are dramatically lowered as now the marketing company/introducer takes over all the work of advertising and marketing to find the perspective buyers who would be interested in the vendors properties.


Our role is straight forward, we provide the marketing knowledge, technology and staff assistance and we also provide assistance with property searches as we have numerous contacts world wide in the property sector so we are able to find potential buyers in countries that most vendors do not have the resources to find.


The key benefits to using our services are:



1.  a larger selection of properties to browse 

2.  Unbiased assistance finding properties that match the agencies needs (as we are neither buyer or vendor we are neutral)

3.  Introductions to the right vendors and buyers internationally

4.  24 hour a day, 7 day a week customer assistance via our live chat, phone in service & email service

5. We lower the overheads for the vendors so they are able to offer the properties at lower prices and with incentives like assured rentals yields, buy back options & other incentives 

6. Potential buyers are able to find the perfect property with little stress as we do all the searching for them 


Many companies offer the same benefits as we do, what makes us different as a company is that we only feature investment focussed properties.



As we only feature investment focussed properties it gives potential buyers the luxury of being able to focus on what they are looking for and not just what someone is trying to convince them is best.


We are a company that markets and promotes on behalf of many vendors worldwide.


Our goal ultimately is to help potential buyers and vendors to achieve the perfect relationship simultaneously vendors lower their over heads resulting in the vendors offering properties at the best deals they can.


We market a world of international property investment to suit all budgets and required returns.


When we launched our company we wanted to offer a service that focuses purely on investment properties that offer the best rental returns and the best possible capital appreciation for the perspective buyers who’s main priorities are properties that offer the very best return on investment they can find for their money.


We are constantly being asked to market numerous property types all over the world and do not have the ability to list all the good property options on our websites, due to this we advise you to contact us today with your budget and investments expectations and let us send you a selection of matching investments to you to browse through at your leisure making the search process as relaxed and stress free as possible.


All visitors/users of are websites are subject to our terms, conditions and legal disclaimers.


Contact us today and we will send you everything that matches your requirements today!